Sensory-Friendly Attractions Around Town

SENsoRy OVerlOAd!! It is a real battle for most of our children on the Autism Spectrum. It can present in many forms, such as: the feeling of uncomfortable clothes, loud noises, bright lights, too many people in one area, personal space invasion, etc. These sensory issues can make it difficult to engage in the same activities that those without sensory issues often attend on a regular basis. It makes going to your favorite restaurant , the movies, theme parks, shows, etc. extremely difficult. We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gym provides that space for ALL kids on a daily basis, although not all extracurricular activities have the opportunity. Sensory-friendly activities in the community are important for our children to attend and we wanted to provide you with a list of upcoming activities that feature sensory-friendly environments. There are some really cool things coming up in Jacksonville, check out the list:

AMC Theaters is partnering up with the Autism Society to offer “Sensory Friendly” movie experiences. They are turing the lights up and the sound down as well as encourage everyone to “can get up, dance, walk, shout or sing!”. Please see the list of dates for all movies scheduled. They do ask that you contact your local theater (currently it is only the AMC Regency 24 location that is offering the movies) to ensure that you know the specific times these movies are available.

  1. Coco 11/25/17
  2. Justice League 11/28/17
  3. Wonder 12/12/17
  4. Starwars: Last Jedi 12/23/17




Rebounderz is sponsored by Reaching Milestones and is offering “sensory friendly” jump times on select dates.

  • Available on the 1st Monday of each month* from 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM from September – May.
  • No music.
  • Fewer distractions (arcade games will be off).
  • Access is for 2 hours of time on the trampolines and/or ninja course.
  • One parent/caretaker/therapist is admitted for FREE with each sensory friendly participant $10.00 paid admission.
  • Parent/caretaker/therapist is permitted to assist child while on the jumper. Only one person is permitted to jump per square.
  • Rebounderz Jump socks are required for anyone going out on the trampolines. Jump socks are available for $2.00 per pair and are reusable on future visits.


Autism Speaks has partnered with the Blue Man Group to offer a sensory friendly performance on December 9th at 6 pm. This is in Orlando so make an awesome weekend of it! $5 from each ticket will be donated to Autism Speaks.

At these performances, slight modifications will be made including:

  • Reduction of sound and light levels at various moments during the performance. Please note that while light levels will be reduced, strobe lighting is still used in the show. Please contact us for further information. 
  • Sound reducing headphones or earplugs (depending on market) available upon request
  • Blue Men will limit the amount of “chair walking” and keep their approach to the audience more subdued
  • Calming environments in each theatre’s lobby for families seeking a break from the excitement
  • Show modifications vary by market. Contact your local Box Office for more information.
  • “We’ve heard from many families affected by autism that their children responded to the Blue Man character in a very moving way. We are thrilled to provide a safe and welcoming environment and are often quite moved by the emotional response to the show,” says Phil Stanton, Blue Man Group co-founder.