All about Teen Night!

Thank you for checking out our blog posts! This is Lea, co-owner: We Rock the Spectrum Jacksonville. This is my journey through blogging for WRTS Jax. Today’s focus is on our Teen Night. Teen Night is one of my personal favorites here at the gym. Each month we continue to grow and add more friends to our group. Last month was our biggest ever with 15 teens registered! As our group grows so does their friendship. We have a core group of about 6 teens that attend every night. They are becoming such great friends that they are even coordinating their halloween costumes.  Each night is themed differently but always geared toward our teens. In the past we have done a minute to win it themed night, a mystery themed night, beach party, camping, and our last event was a monster mash.

Camping and the mystery night are my favorite nights so far. Mystery was so much fun because the teens has to solves a bunch of riddles to get a key for their special prize. Because we are a gym for ALL abilities, Marissa and myself will adapt or accommodate any activity so that all of our teens can participate and have fun. Teen Night is typically on a Friday night and is from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm. We Rock the Spectrum provides pizza for Both parents and teens. The cost of Teen Night is $15 dollars.

What I personally love about this event is that it isn’t just for the teens. All adults are required to stay during teen night but that is what helps make it so great. While the guys are in the back with us, the parents are chilling on our couch, playing games themselves, or  building their own friendships. This is a great time for parents to get together with similar experiences hang out.

One of our many games during our Monster Mash party! How many rolls of toilet paper does it take to make a mummy?

Our next Teen Night is December 1st from 6:00-8:00 pm. We hope to see you there!

Our Monster Mash Teen Night costume!