10 Reasons Why You Should Try Out We Rock the Spectrum – Jacksonville

  1. We are the only Kids Gym/Indoor Playground in Jacksonville specifically designed for children with special needs
  2. WRTS fosters a nurturing environment for ALL kids
  3. We sell Melissa and Doug items and we all know how amazing their stuff is
  4. We are a place where you never have to say you are sorry
  5. WRTS is an open play format and all equipment is available during your visit
  6. We have a Zip line!
  7. Florida is hot and has a ton of bugs so WRTS offers an indoor alternative for those super hot and sticky days
  8. Our staff is trained and knowledgeable within the field of special needs
  9. Our gym is 7,200 sq ft and is open for those children that love to run
  10. There is no other place like We Rock the Spectrum!